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In my previous post on Hosted Online Membership Software, I was looking for the ideal solution in a fully hosted “Shopify for online courses” style platform. And I was greatly disappointed at what's available on the market. Nothing will suit my needs for this particular project, so I'm back to square one and will have to do the thing I didn't really want to do which is build it out myself using a WordPress Membership Plugin. Which begs the question… which one? This post continues my research. I'll start with the plugins that I dismissed in the previous post when I was searching for a hosted solution, and go from there.

Looks like I'm going to need a combination of WP Membership Software + WP Affiliate Software. I need the affiliate software to integrate with the membership software and also allow me to assign coupon codes to affiliates to credit them for the sale.


The Pro version comes with the built-in Affiliate Royale plugin. However, I don't love the documentation on that plugin. Looks like they integrate with AffiliateWP though which is great and they can assign coupons to affiliates.

This looks like it'd do the trick and it's highly reviewed from what I've read. They also provide good documentation. The reality is that MOST of the membership plugins should do the trick, so it's just a matter of finding the one that's highly rated, offers good support, and has the available integrations I'm looking for with Affiliate software and Sendy.

I'm looking at $369/year because I need the pro version for the


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