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Hi, I'm Paul Drecksler and this site is compilation of my notes about Internet marketing and online business development specifically about one project which I'll code name “TiL”. It's pretty easy to figure out which site I'm talking about but I prefer not to mention it yet on this domain so that the two domains aren't linked. I don't want the traffic from this site to artificially inflate the traffic from the project that it discusses.

Topics include: affiliate marketing, e-commerce, dropshipping, traffic building, Pinterest marketing, social media, SEO, WordPress, basic programming, web design, and web standards. Feel free to follow along and/or contribute. I'm learning every day and advice from experts is always appreciated.

The motivation for this project is that I needed a system to help me stay organized with my research and rather than keep these notes hidden away in a private document, I'm opening them up to the public because you might have similar questions. You can consider this site a live notebook of my research. Don't expect anything more than that out of it.

Some of you might remember this domain from back when it was an actual blog where I wrote about online business development and location independence. But I took it down a few years ago and removed all of the posts because I accidentally started becoming a “make money online guru” in the eyes of some readers and I'll have nothing of that nonsense. I'm no guru. I'm good at some things, terrible at other things, and constantly learning. But since I already owned the domain, and it fit with the concept, I'm recycling the name for this project.

Thanks for being here. Feel free to contribute to any post on the site via the comment section.


PS: You can learn more about me and my current projects at