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Here's a list of tools, services, software, and resources that I use for my online business. Many of them are affiliate links.

WordPress Themes

Divi Theme – Theme used on this website and many of my other sites.

Social Tools

Tailwind App – I use this software to schedule my Pins. An invaluable tool for building my Pinterest following and generating traffic to my website from Pinterest. I couldn't be as successful on Pinterest without this.

Recurpost – This software recycles my old social media posts and reposts them on a schedule at a later time, which helps bring old posts to the attention of new followers, and existing followers who hadn't seen it yet.

WordPress Plugins

Bloom E-mail Optin Plugin – Plugin extension by Elegant Solutions for collecting e-mail opt-ins. Pretty good and came included with my Developer License at Elegant Solutions.

Gravity Forms – I use this on almost every WordPress website I build. It's one of my highest recommended plugins.

Digital Access Pass – I used to use this software on a membership site, but no longer. Great developer support.

Pretty Link Pro – I use that on this website to track my affiliate links to see what's being clicked most. Please note that you shouldn't use this with Amazon as they don't allow link cloaking.

Online Services

Dropbox – I backup and sync my computers and the media on my phone with Dropbox Pro.

PayPal – Still the most convenient way for me to get paid. Their fees suck but so do everyone's. It's worth it for me for the convenience.

Shopify – I build many personal and client e-commerce websites with Shopify. It's now my go to e-commerce solution.

MailChimp – They drive me crazy but I still use them for some small projects because they get the job done and have a sufficient free account.

MailerLite – I strongly prefer their interface over MailChimp and they have a much more attractive pricing structure. The service itself is great too. My only concern with MailerLite is how fast they are to kick you to the curb if your Unsubscription or Bounce Rate exceeds their incredibly stringent requirements.

Bing Webmasters – Microsoft's website analytic software that I register my sites with.

Google Webmasters – Google's website analytic software that I register my sites with.

Google Analytics – Currently how I monitor traffic for all of my sites, although I'm looking for a secondary solution to run in combination with Analytics to compare notes.

Google Suite – I typically use Google Suite for my clients that require e-mail for their business, and I use it for some of my sites that require more than just a simple POP3 e-mail solution. – Compress mp4 videos for use as your website backgrounds. It took a 6mb down to a .97 for me.


Jump Send – E-mail automation for Amazon Sellers.

Jungle Scout – Niche and sales rank research tool for Amazon Sellers and private labelers.

Fetcher – Accounting software for Amazon Sellers.