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I came across the Wellness Mama website because she's an affiliate for one of my clients, Ora Wellness. Today I was listening to her new podcast called 86: The Science of the Oral Microbiome and Remineralization with Will of OraWellness. And that's when I noticed her streamlined affiliate disclosure built into the post data section of her blog post. See below:

Wellness Mama Affiliate Disclosure

Did you notice her disclsure at the top, next to the podcast date? I love it. I've discussed affiliate disclosure in the past on this site (social disclosure | disclosure page monetization) and it's sometimes a struggle for bloggers to find that perfect location that balances prominent display with non-distracting placement.

I want (and am required) to place the disclosure in a highly visible and easy to find location (as opposed to hidden away in small text at the footer of my site), but also not have it be the most prominent thing you see when you first get to a blog post. Many bloggers (myself included up until soon), inject a disclosure like this at the type of the post “This post contains affiliate links. Read our full affiliate disclosure here.” But that sucks because then it's the first thing you read when you think you're about to start reading the post itself. I love Wellness Mama's approach because it satisfies my criteria for prominent placement without superseding the post content itself. The one modification I'm going to make to her approach is making mine clickable and link to my full affiliate disclosure.