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I came across this blog the other day while I was doing client research and I noticed that she monetized her affiliate disclosure page. And I thought it was brilliant. It's something I never thought of doing before.

According to the FTC, you need to prominently display that a blog post contains affiliate links, and not hide it the disclosure away at the bottom of your page. So many people write a short disclosure statement at the top of the post that links to their full disclosure. That's what I do on my sites.

So currently I've got an Affiliate Disclosure page that's prominently linked to by almost every post on my website and all I was doing was posting a friendly disclosure. What I need to do though, is do something similar to that blog I linked to and showcase my top affiliate relationships on that page. Why not right? I only rep brands I believe in so why not feature them all at once, or at least my top ones, on the actual disclosure page.

Respectfully, the blog I linked to could do a little better job with the page by finishing hyperlinking the rest of her list and maybe streamlining her content a little bit. But that's neither here nor there. I'm thankful I came across her page because it inspired this change to my affiliate disclosure page.