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WPEngine is the host that I use for many of my projects, including the travel site that I'm always talking about on this blog. I also have a VPS with Dreamhost and a few accounts with Bluehost.

Basically my rules of thumb are:

  • For sites that REALLY matter if they go down, I put them on WPEngine.
  • For sites that are important but I don't require daily backups, they go on Dreamhost.
  • And for sites I don't care about and I just need the cheapest hosting possible, I use Bluehost.

Anyway, I've been an affiliate for WPEngine for a long time because I often setup many clients with their own accounts over there so it's nice to earn the commission. Pretty much every host offers a commission on new customers now-a-days so you may as well be an affiliate for the ones you use if you're a developer. They sent me an e-mail advertising a July 4th promotion that I thought I'd share because I've never seen them offer this big of a discount. Normally they offer like 2 months off, and sometimes 3, but offering 4 months free makes it a pretty sweet deal. Here's the link:

Discount Link:Celebrate this 4th of July with 4 total months free off any annual shared plan on WP Engine!

Dates: Tuesday, June 28, 2017 through Saturday, July 8, 2017

So link above would take it from $348/year ($29/month) to $232 ($19/mo) for the first year. After that it'd go back up to $29 or whatever plan you're on. Worth it in my opinion. WPEngine is my go to host for my primary money making sites. Daily backups, built-in staging environments, serverside caching system, security and site cleanup in the event of a hack, free SSL Certificates via Let's Encrypt now integrated into their backend, an I'm a fan of the support team which is important for a host.

If you sign up and need any help transferring your site over, give me a shout and I'll help you out.