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There's often talk about the optimal number of times in a day you should Pin on Pinterest. I've heard anywhere from 10 to 150 times per day.

There's also talk about the ratio of your Pins to other people's Pins that you should post. I've heard anywhere from 10%/90% to 90%/10%. As you can see the numbers are all over the place.

From what I've learned, there are no magic numbers with Pinterest. If you have ugly Pins and content no-one is interested in sharing, no perfect amount of posts per day or pin ratio is going to get the job done.

All that being said though, I never hear anyone talk about if your overall quantity of Pins affects your profile rank. And that's what I wanted to find out. For example, I currently have 4.9k Pins and I don't rank anywhere for when you search “travel”. I realize that “travel” is a very general and competitive term, but the word does appear twice in my Pinterest name – once in the name and a second time in my URL which is also displayed within my profile name.

I've also noticed that since I started Pinterest almost two months ago until now, the rank doesn't seem to change that often. Some of the same players below have been in the top position since I started looking.

Pinterest ranking for keywords

So what's placing them there? I can imagine that being in one of the top spots for when new profiles search “travel” can really add to your Follower count. I decided to see what these top spots had in common, so I made a spreadsheet of the top 583 profiles that ranked for “travel”, along with their Followers count, Following count, and quantity of Pins. You can download that spreadsheet using the link below:


I found averages of the Top 583 profiles that ranked for the keyword “travel” were:

  • Followers: 6384
  • Following: 442
  • Pins: 1782

As you can see in the spreadsheet, I also tried to do some calculations like Following : Follower Ratio and + / – Average for Followers and Pin Quantity.

And do you know what I gathered from this data? Absolutely nothing. 10% of those profiles had less Followers than me. 50% of those profiles had less Pins than me.

Obviously there are other factors at play here that affect rank like engagement, longevity, rePin count, etc. And I knew that before I made the spreadsheet. I wasn't trying to disprove those factors, but rather determine if there was any correlation between the number of overall Pins on a profile and the profile's rank. And I found none. Feel free to take a look at my spreadsheet and tell me if you see anything I didn't.