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I'm always on the hunt for new and up-and-coming social networks. Imagine if you had gotten into Instagram or Pinterest before everyone joined. Sometime it's possible for early adopters to grow a large following base simply because there are less content creators to follow at the beginning stages of a new social network. Being an early adopter mixed with share-worthy content is a recipe for success.

Below is a list of social networks, content discovery sites, and link aggregators to keep an eye on. I haven't necessarily taken the time to vet every one of these networks, I just add the to the list as I come across them, so be sure to do your own due diligence before investing time and energy (or ad spend) into one of these networks. Leave a comment if you know of any networks that I missed or if you have feedback on any of the sites mentioned.

Social Networks


Reddit Alternatives

Many of these networks were compiled from r/RedditAlternatives. – Not ready for users yet. – Barely anything on the site yet. – Nothing there yet. – Decentralized discussion platform. In the works.
-I have no idea what those sites above are. I'm confused and will have to come back to those. – “Anonymous Reddit without servers” – “Just like every other discussion forum out there… but totally different” – AMA Alternative

Cryptocurrency-esq Networks

Commenting Systems – Browser extension that lets you comment on top of sites.


These sites came and went.

Big list of them here: