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I went to a Facebook Marketing Meetup in Medellin held by Chris Erthel and these are a copy of my notes.

Tools – Report all data in one place – Very automated rules.

New Features

Direct Response Ads

Dynamic Product Ads – Retargets specific products. Need to upload product feed. Use DPA logic to find new traffic.

Conversions vs Value vs Traffic: Value is new.

Ecommerce Shop Message: *99% open rate. Similar to Abandoned Cart feature but via Messenger.


  • Look Alike Audiences: Between 1% to 5% up to 10%
  • Ask questions in ads: Which one is your favorite belt?
  • Perfect audience of 280k people. High frequency high budget. After 2-3 days.
  • Be humble and accept that machine knows better than they do. Target broad.
  • FB can optimize by 10 euros per day. Never more than 500 in an ad set.
  • Smallest LAL audience to start: Need 100 to work. I advise 300.
  • Not allowed to target FB Groups, but algorithm takes it into consideration.
  • How many conversions to understand? 2-3 days for $10 budget per day.
  • FB asks what do you want? Purchase is not best. Or app install. Best answer is View Content. Because advantage of having more data outweighs limited data of purchases.
  • FB says they need 25 data points per week for algorithm to work. (Reduced from 30 per day.)
  • 40% traffic leaves after 3 seconds of page load time.
  • Optimize for pure CPM.
  • Deduping = Makes it now impossible to bid against your own ads so you're not driving price up.

Growth Strategy Full Funnel

1) Brand Awareness: “We wish you a happy summer.” Leads to website. (Tuesday)

2) Consideration: Mix of brand awareness and conversions. (Friday)

3) Conversion: 80% off. (Saturday)

Chris's Example Funnel

1) Branding (Cheapest Leads)
2) Direct Response
3) Retargeting 1-2 days
4) Retargeting 3-4 days
5) Retargeting 5-6 days
6) Retargeting Bigger Discount 6-8 days

  • Recommends Reading:
  • Chris never wants Most Video Views. He goes for Sales Conversions. High CPM is happy because it brings good conversion rate.
  • If you create ads with many ad sets, you won't have much social proof. Therefore create post and use existing post.

Types of Ad Placement and Average CPM

  • Desktop News Feed – $8
  • Mobile News Feed. – $2
  • Messenger – $2 – Small traffic. Big ROI.
  • Instagram
  • IG Stories – $1.4
  • Right Column (Sidebar) – People say it doesn't work. It works best for Chris for retargeting people on desktop.
  • Audience Network – Never use this.
  • Videos
  • Instant Articles $2.1 – Currently best ROI. Limited traffic.
  • When To Use Different Ad Types

    1) Branding: Use Mobile News Feed and Stories.

    2) Retargeting: Use Desktop and Right Column and all the rest.

    • Minimum 20 ad sets per country.
    • Easily 200 ad sets. Design ads special for each placement.
    • Right Column doesn't work because they use same pictures.
    • A/B Testing With Structure

      • Create Different Ad Sets for: Text. Images. Audiences.
      • Manage with Excel or Google Spreadsheet
      • Use Numbers in Ad Sets to reference your spreadsheet (ie: 0177)
      • ROAD = Return On Ad Spend
      • You can add up to 110 columns. Customize to columns that work best for you.
      • Use long name Ad Sets to see what's inside. (ie: USA Male 24-45 Travelers.) Then copy paste into new ad sets and change info.

      Facebook Ad Project

      Chris is involved in this organization and helps with the FB marketing.

      ShareTheMeal App – 50 cents buys kid breakfast lunch dinner

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