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For some reason, I'd set my Divi website width to 960px on Boxed Layout, but it'd always display wider. It was driving me crazy because I was creating my hero images to 960px and they were either stretching to fit the wider layout width, or not filling the width.

Turns out it's a bug in Divi that the boxed layout appears wider than the pixels you input. Below are Divi support threads that document this issue:

The Solution

I had to add code to my Custom CSS to override the theme customizer which was not working. I used the code below:

/*** TEMPLATE ***/

.et_boxed_layout #page-container, .et_fixed_nav.et_boxed_layout #page-container #top-header, .et_fixed_nav.et_boxed_layout #page-container #main-header, .et_boxed_layout #page-container .container, .et_boxed_layout #page-container .et_pb_row {
max-width: 960px !important;

You can of course change the 960px to whatever width you're looking to make your website. Hope that helps!

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