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This solution only works if you're using WordPress + Divi + Cloudflare combo. If not, then the solution below won't affect you. Sorry!

I was running into the issue of the Divi Visual Builder not loading on a client site. When I clicked “Enable Visual Builder” the spinning wheel would show up but the page would never load.

I tried all the usual suspects in regards to troubleshooting:

  • Cleared cache (both website and browser)
  • Updated themes / plugins
  • Disabled plugins / cache
  • Disabled Divi's Static CSS
  • Updated PHP / increased memory and execution time of PHP
  • Put Cloudflare into Development Mode
  • I even tried rolling back to a previous version of Divi

However it turns out that I was running into jQuery / JS conflicts with Cloudflare's Rocket Loader and Divi's Visual Builder. The solution was to disable the Rocket Loader when using the Divi Builder. Here's how to do that.

  • Step 1: Login to Cloudflare
  • Step 2: Click “Page Rules”
  • Step 3: Click “Create A Page Rule”
  • Step 4: Enter (obviously replacing “” with your actual domain)
  • Step 5: Pick A Setting: (Rocket Loader) = Off
  • Step 6: Save Page Rule

You might have to clear your browser cache once more after that, but that should do the trick. Hope this solution helps you.