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tldr: I went with PlayBuzz for now which is free.

These are my notes on how to create a viral Facebook quiz. I've had the idea for a while to create a few travel related quizzes – you know the kind – that people take, get a score, and then share for others to take. I'm going to adapt a few games that I play in bars with my friends while I travel into online quizzes to start. Right now I'm just looking for the best software for the job. I may either use a 3rd party hosted service or a WordPress plugin. Either way, I'd like the quizzes to be embeddable on my site so that I can share my on-site URL instead of a 3rd party URL.

Here's a good example of a quiz that you can scroll down to take instead of having to click Next, Next, Next which drives me crazy:

List of Viral Quiz Software Websites

I'm not going to review all of these or tell you my opinion on each one, but I'm going to list every one I find here. What works for me may not work for you. In the end, you'll see which one I chose for me and why. Drop me a comment if there's a good one I missed.
–$10 month pro plan. Don't think it's embeddable.Update: John from uQuiz says that they are embeddable via the comments on this post.
–I use Gravity Forms on almost every website. If this works well, that'd be a cool and free method for me since I already pay for GF.
–$39/month for the Pro plan which includes all integrations needed.
–Looks a little antiquated. Does a lot but maybe not stuff I need.
–$29/month for up to 5k responses per month
–One time fees which include up to 1 year of support
–Starts at $9/month for unlimited quizzes. CTAs come at a higher expense.
–Doesn't post pricing. Probably for bigger brands than me.
–Starts at $17/mo
–Specifically advertises “create buzz feed style quizzes”
–Discovered this one from a quiz that my friend on FB took and shared. That's a good sign.
–WP Plugin:
–WINNER: I went with this one for now. It's free and does a good job. Also when the person shares, it lets them share the embedded link (on my site) instead of their hosted link.
–Had a free version but they recently got rid of it. They keep e-mailing me telling me to upgrade to a paid version of something I never used. I signed up a few months ago when I had this quiz idea but never moved forward with it at the time. Looks good though. Starts at $24.99/month.
–Looks great at first glance. $29/month starts.

That's all for now. I just published my first two quizzes with PlayBuzz and plan to do about 18 more before judging whether or not they work for driving traffic to the site.