Success with Anthony Morrison Review - Scam or Legitimate?

Does Success with Anthony actually work? Is Anthony Morrison a scam artist? Has anyone actually made profit at home with Success with Anthony?

To discover the answers to these questions, I had to do some extensive research. It’s not easy to get past the reviews and affiliate sites which advertise his program. Upon initial glance at the first page of Google, he certainly has some reviews that would lead you to believe he’s the real deal. But are things always what they seem?

My short answer is, “Careful!” While it’s true that you will learn some real ways to make money through affiliate marketing in his program, this is not the method that I would go about learning the business.

I found some information about the Success with Anthony program that shocked me! I’m going to share this information with you below.

A breakdown of Success with Anthony

The Homepage

Let’s begin with the home page of his website. Forgive me for never linking to his website, as it is easy to find with a quick Google Search.

Success with Anthony - Real or Fake

The sales video on his homepage is very ambiguous and could be construed as misleading. As you saw in the video, he visits 3 strangers and shows them each how to make money within an hour of using his program. The crucial missing element to these videos is “How?”

Did he have the participants e-mail everyone in their address book and solicit his program for a commission?

“Check out this new work-from-home opportunity Success with Anthony. I’m having incredible results with the program! Here’s the link to sign-up.”

If that’s the case, making $160 in one hour doesn’t seem like enough compensation to recommend programs to my friends and family, as that well runs dry quick.

Warren Buffett says, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

It’s for this reason why I am so careful about which products and services I endorse. My reputation is on the line with my readers every time I make a recommendation. In the words of Ron Swanson…

Ron Swanson Quote Guarantee - You should know, my recommendation is essentially a guarantee.

I don’t that Anthony asked those people in the video to e-mail their friends and family. I don’t know how he did it, but that’s the point I want to make. Anything could have happened during that hour.

I know he can’t give his secrets away for free. That’s just bad business. But immediately, I need more transparency.

The homepage offers to give us instant access to his program for $49 (down from $99).

Success with Anthony Home Page Offer

Now try to leave his homepage.

Success with Anthony One Time Offer

Does that type of “Wait, don’t go!” seem familiar? Angela Bussio employees a similar tactic on her site. But I’ll bite, because I want to see what happens next.

Good thing I didn’t buy on the first page, because now I’m being offered the same program for $19.99 instead of $49.99.

Anthony Morrison - 30 Dollars Off Special

I’m tempted.. he seems really confident with the program. So confident in fact he’s willing to give me $30 from his own pocket. Good sales tactic though. But I want to see how far he’s willing to go before I buy.

So attempt to leave the site again. This time…

Success with Anthony Promo Offer #2

This time I’m lead to a much better offer.

Anthony Morrison Special Offer

After I type in my e-mail address, I am lead to a webpage with a video. To be honest, don’t waste your time watching the video. The video explains how easy it is to build websites, collect e-mail subscribers, and make money from them. Below are some highlights from the video and my rebuttals.

“Nathan” says: “When you sign up for hosting service, I recommend that you sign up for as long as possible. We’ve found that Google gives higher search engine placement to websites when they see that you are committed.”

Work From Somewhere says: Google has no idea how long you’ve paid in advance for hosting! How would you feel as a business or a consumer if Google had access to information like that? Google does care how long your website has been online for, but you could be on a month-to-month hosting plan and they are none-the-wiser. The reason this video makes that recommendation is because they want a big commission check from HostGator, which they don’t get if you cancel your plan after a month.

“Nathan” says: “Next your going to choose your domain name. Don’t worry about picking wrong, or selecting the wrong name. Just pick something.”

Work From Somewhere says: Seriously? With zero keyword analysis, no research about my competitors, and zero planning about what my website is going to be about, you want me to buy a domain? Any domain? Domain selection is still VERY important to Google’s algorithm.

What does Anthony Morrison have to gain?

Great question. I’ll show you.

GoDaddy offers a commission that reflects the range of products they offer.

GoDaddy Affiliate Commission Structure

A basic domain name pays a 30% commission. For example, if you purchase a $12.99 domain through GoDaddy, the affiliate earns a $3.87 commission. Not a life-changing amount of money, but that’s just the beginning of the process.

HostGator offers a tiered commission to its affiliates depending on how many sales they produce each month.

HostGator Affiliate Program Commission Structure

So as you can see, the incentive to get you to sign-up for hosting is much greater than for the domain name. Most likely, given the volume of traffic to Anthony’s website, he is making $125/sale. The purpose of having you buy a $12.99 domain name before a couple hundred dollar hosting package is to commit you to the process in baby steps. If he asked you to buy a $200 hosting package before you owned a domain name, you might quit while you’re ahead.

Work From Somewhere Note #1: I like HostGator.

There is nothing wrong with HostGator! They are a great host and I am an affiliate for the company (those links are my affiliate links). I’m just trying to show you the incentive available for pushing you to act so quickly and sign-up for hosting.

Work From Somewhere Note #2: I like Bluehost better.

Just so you know, I do like HostGator, but I prefer Bluehost for beginners. They are owned by the same company though. Here’s a free screencast tutorial I created that teaches you how to set-up your own WordPress website or blog. That’s not the point of this article though.

Back to Success with Anthony

Halfway through the video, the rest of the website appears where you are guided through a step-by-step process to building your first website.

Commission Websites with Anthony Morrison

As I’ve indicated, the whole purpose of this site is to push you towards signing up for a hosting account with HostGator. If you weren’t in at $49, or $19, here’s one more chance to earn a commission with a free “mis-informative” video and a sign-up form for web hosting.

Sign Up For HostGator

Ready for the meat and bones of this article?

What happens after I sign-up for Success with Anthony?

For this information, I came across an article by Jonathan Register (who runs a great website about growing your online business). Read what he had to say below about what happens after you order an Anthony Morrison product.

So within a matter of days of ordering you’ll start getting phone calls from Anthony Morrison’s sales staff. They’ll be calling you trying to get you to buy an upsell that promises to be the hidden pieces of the puzzle that aren’t covered in the main Anthony Morrison Hidden Millionaires and Advertising Profits From Home books.

They will offer you the help from a personal Coach that will set you back thousands of dollars. BUT this Coach is totally worth it since you’ll have an edge. CPA marketing is incredibly competitive (which is true), and it takes an incredible amount of knowledge and skills (which is true as well) to find success. So let’s get you signed up so you can start making your millions NOW! :-)

From what I’ve read on the supposed Anthony Morrison scam, people say that these calls will NOT stop. They will almost get to the point of harassing. Also, the feedback from this upsell was pretty negative and this is from a lot of the people who say it’s an Anthony Morrison scam. So I totally understand these people. If I forked out thousands of dollars for something I’d expect results. Otherwise, I’d be screaming to the top of my lungs too that it was an Anthony Morrison scam.

Source: Anthony Morrison Scam

What do the telemarketers say when they call?

I wanted more information about this. I wanted to dig deeper and see what came next, after you sign-up for the program, and after the telemarketing began.

I found the information I was looking for on one of my favorite anti-scam websites The Salty Droid. This article is about a different Anthony Morrison program, but you can imagine that the process is similar for the other programs.

She’s real. She’s 56 :: she makes $26,000 per year :: she’s recently divorced :: and she doesn’t have a computer or Internet access at home. She saw The Hansen Report – Anthony Morrison Edition infomercial on television and ordered the book. The book hasn’t arrived yet :: but the Mark Shurtleff approved Utah boiler rooms have …

At least two other salesman have already called Debbie :: one of them would have executed the credit-probing :: pain-finding :: script posted earlier. Debbie has good credit :: and she’s afraid :: and alone … so she’s perfect. Now Chris Bartold is calling to finish the job :: a closer closing …

Source: Scamming Two Debbies

Listen to the audio recording of the call with Debbie and Chris Bartold, one of Anthony Morrison’s closers.

Anthony Morrison Boiler Room Audio Recording

Some of the most ridiculous parts of this recording:

Chris: And if I feel we can create a success story from you, we’re definitely going to go ahead and bring you aboard the team. So you need to see the benefit of working with us and we need to see the benefit of working with you. Okay?

Translation: Classic sales tactic. You qualify yourself to me instead of me having to sell you.

Chris: You might have some fear and some apprehension, which is okay, but I’ve learned in my life that people have a tendency to run away from the situation that they’re in or they have a tendency to move toward something. Our job is to help you move towards becoming financially independent.

Translation: There are people who are going to buy into what I have to say and people who aren’t. Which one are you?

Chris: I can’t guarantee your success because I can’t guarantee what you’ll do but I can guarantee what we’ll do. I can guarantee you the help. And if you put the time into this, and do the things that we ask you to do, you will find success and you will do well with it.

Translation: This isn’t going to pay off because you don’t have the technical skills to make it so.

Chris: So here’s the question I have for you is if I interview a dozen people for the position on the team, what would separate you from them, Debbie. The question is, why you? Why now? Why the Internet?

Debbie: Well, I’ve looked at lots of different things, and ways to invest and make money in the last year or so. I don’t know why in particular, but I just have a lot of faith in this from what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard so far. I haven’t even read the book yet.

Chris: You have to decide. Fear does a crazy things to you. It can either motivate you or hold you back.

Debbie: You’re right, it has held me back. It seems crazy for me even want to think about investing this kind of money in something like this, but because of the place that I’m at right now.. because I’ve got a lot of debt, which is one of my big concerns right now. And an even bigger concern is retirement. And at my age, I should have something put aside but I don’t. I’m also going through, what I hope is my last divorce.

Debbie: I’m just not as fearful as I have been in the past and I don’t know why and that’s all I can say. I think I’m getting to the place where I just don’t care; it just doesn’t matter as much today as it has in the past. And I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or what, but I also know that my time is running out, and I don’t have a lot of time to get myself prepared and be ready for my future.

Chris: Anything that is worthwhile and is going to benefit you financially takes a little bit to get started. It just does.

Chris: Today is December 10th, I want you to write down a date here. The first date I want you to write down is January 25th.

Debbie: Okay.

Chris: Write down January 25th. That’s about 45 days from today. The first goal is, we had a guy named James Lang who was unemployed, he put a lot of hours into this, his first month he made $20,000. So with you, a similar goal. We want to be able to have you put a couple hours a week into this, not 40 hours, but 5 to 8 hours a week. January the 25th, the goal is $25,000.

Debbie: Okay.

Chris: Write that down. That’s 45 days from today.

Debbie: Okay.

Chris: The second goal I want you to write down is July 25th. By July 25th, that’s going to be the next goal. That’s going to be $100,000. So we want to have $100,000 in your pocket cleared by July 25th.

Debbie: Okay.

Chris: Okay. So that’s exciting, that’s a good start for the next 6 months.

Debbie: Sure. Sure it is. If I devote 5-10 hours a week, and maybe more, you can assure me that that’s going to happen?

Chris: I can assure you because I’ve seen other people do it. I can’t guarantee your success, Debbie, because I can’t guarantee what you’ll do. But I guarantee what we’ll do. I can guarantee you the help. If you put the time into this and do the things we ask you to do, then you will find success and do well with it.

Debbie: Okay. Hello?

Chris: Yeah, I’m still here. If you’re committed to this.. the only thing that would hold you back is if you’re not committed to it. If you have fear, the antidote to fear is knowledge. Have you heard what fear stands for? False Evidence Appearing Real. The antidote to fear is knowledge. Once you have knowledge, the fear is going to go away. So again, from this point on, your security blanket is knowing that everything is done with the help of your mentor. You have a group of experts tracking your progress, making sure that you succeed.

Chris: Here’s the really good news for you. If you ask 15 of your neighbors what affiliate marketing is, you’re probably going to get 15 people staring right back at you. There’s a tremendous opportunity for you to make a lot of money by working with the most successful companies with very little competition. That’s my point here, it’s just like eBay was 10-12 years ago. It might not be great for the next 20 or 30 years, but for the next 10 years, from age 56 to 66 or 68, you’re going to be successful.

Debbie: If this has been going on since 1996, how can it last..?

Chris: [interrupts] No, no, no, no. Our company’s been going on since 1996. We’ve helped people do deals the traditional way. We just phased out of that, doing things the traditional way, like with stores online and the traditional website. Our company’s been helping people make money online since 1996. This affiliate marketing is brand new.

Work From Somewhere Note #1: Affiliate marketing is brand new? The slogan for (one of the leading affiliate companies online) is: “We’ve paid our clients on time, every time, for over 14 years.”

Work From Somewhere Note #2: I started my first affiliate business during my sophomore year of college in 2004.

Chris: On the success team, we don’t call them credit cards, we call them investment cards. The bank has put your name on their money and they’ve allowed you to use that however you choose. But we don’t use it as a liability, we use that as an asset. Here’s an example about what I’m talking about. Bill Gates, everybody’s hear about Bill Gates. Bill Gates was going to Harvard, dropped out of Harvard after a year, took five of his mom’s credit cards, put a hundred and twenty and some odd thousand dollars on credit cards, and that’s how Microsoft got started.

Chris: So it only makes sense to put money there, or leverage money there, if the money you put there is going to make you money back quickly. That concept should make sense to you. Are you open to that if you’re selected to work with us?

Chris: What I want you to do is write down this tuition figure of $9,640. Nine thousand six hundred and forty. Nine thousand six hundred and forty. I want you to circle that amount and write down the word “tuition”. I want you to write down “one time”, write down “short term”, write down “tax deductible”, and write down “protected”. Tuition, one time, short term, tax deductible, and protected. And one more, write down “change today” for giggles. Now you realize what I’m talking about here. Once you cover your tuition, this is your entire business here. You’re not having a brick-and-mortar business here Debbie, you’re starting something online. I want you to realize what I’m talking about here. You’re not spending $100,000 to go set up a pizza stand or a pizza shop with a brick and mortar business where you have to have employees, and you have to have overhead, and you have to have inventory, and you got to have a cash register, we’re not doing that. You’re investing less than $10,000 to change your life to have an entire business. With a pizza shop or book store, you’re limited to doing stuff on your local area. This is something you’re going to be able to do from the entire universe. This is global. Nothing else is global besides the Internet.

Chris: Do you know what a search engine is?

Debbie: Uh, sort of.

That’s all the quotes from the recording I’m going to transcribe, but I hope that gives you an idea of how ridiculous the call is. This poor woman has no idea what she is getting herself into, hasn’t read the book yet, and barely understands what a search engine is. Yet, Chris had her qualify herself to him the entire time. Ultimately, this wasn’t a business decision Debbie made, it was an emotional decision. I don’t know how Chris can live with himself after taking a 56-year-old divorcee who is in debt and having her put close to $10k on an “investment card”.

The other thing to know about this program is that it doesn’t really cost $10k. The program costs as much as the person on the other end of the phone is willing to pay for it. At this point, other sales people have already spoken to Debbie and determined how good her credit is and what she can afford. If she could have afforded $15k or $20k on credit cards, the tuition figure would have reflected that.

Now what?

So you’ve read my blog post, watched the video, listened to the recording, and read the transcripts… now what?

Well I hope by now you’ve realized that a $49 program that teaches you how to make thousands of dollars per month online doesn’t really exist. That’s why, Anthony Morrison, just like Angela Bussio, is willing to sell you the program for next to nothing. He’s merely looking for your permission to sell you more expensive services.

Buying into Success with Anthony is just the beginning.. the tip of the iceberg. It’s a slippery slope from there, as you hopefully now realize after reading this blog post.

Are there legitimate ways to make money online?

I’ll answer this question with another question: Does anyone not make money from the Internet? Name an advertisement you’ve seen lately that doesn’t ask you to visit a website or a Facebook page. Name a successful business without a website or online presence. My point is that EVERY BUSINESS makes money from the Internet whether directly or indirectly. The Internet is a communication tool, but there are others too.

The line that separates brick-and-mortar business and online business has become blurry.

I could honestly say that I make ALL of my income online. I design and develop websites. I provide consultation via video chat. I invoice via PayPal. I blog and earn affiliate income. I sell buyer leads to a variety of businesses, sometimes on a per lead fee, other times on a commission or referral basis. I do social media marketing and e-mail marketing for small businesses. And that’s just to name a few!

My reason for disclosing all that to you is to say, “Yes, it is very possible to make money online.” Yes, the Internet allows us to be global and reach many people at once, but so does TV, and radio, and newspapers, and network marketing which existed long before the Internet. The Internet is an avenue to market and sell your business, but it doesn’t exist in isolation.

If you’d like to learn more about online business

Read my Internet Crash Courses about Internet Marketing and website development for beginners. Internet Crash Courses are designed to answer all of your questions about today’s Internet technology in an easy to digest format. Too many websites focus on the “rags to riches” and glamorous side of Internet marketing, but they gloss over the giant learning curve needed to master the technology that powers your online presence, marketing, and sales processes. This area is typically the most difficult for entrepreneurs and marketing professionals to find reliable information that is easy to digest.

Thanks for reading. Share this article with your friends if you found it interesting and helpful.

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  • Jany

    I now really believe after so many times of trying these programs, nothing worked. I tried choosing a domain name and every single one was already taken, now tell me how in the world is that possible?? I need my money back! Every time I watched one of his videos it then asked for more money, of which I don’t have. This is a scam! I want all of my money back!!

  • Donna

    Is there anyone who has actually taken the coaching classes demonstrated on the audio of “Changing Debbie’s Life” and finished it for feedback on the value of the coaching? Not just people who talked to someone, like Debbie did, or started and then quit, but people who finished it. I’d like to hear if they were successful at it and if the coaching continued until they were successful.

  • chreees

    How do we know you aren’t a scammer?

    • workfromsomewhere

      My only crime is stealing your heart!

  • Edith

    Omg thankyou so much for this honest blog you deserve my business support i.e as an affiliate so I am signing up because its important to me to set with someone who has integrity thankyou once again its goodwill that will retain your customers longterm :)

    • workfromsomewhere

      You’re welcome Edith – thanks for reading and of course thanks for reaching out to me on Facebook. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance!

  • Joanie

    After signing up for Hostzilla, there never was an opportunity to get the 5 free websites. The next day there was an unidentified $1,000 charge on my credit card, which I’m asking my credit card company to check on. And, yes, I had that conversation with Chris! I’ve had phone calls to “help me set up ” my business, which cost near $1,000; then before I ever made one cent, they set me up for my taxes – business and personal. I guess they saw me coming!! I’ve listened to lots of Webinars. Usually there is wonderful software to purchase so one can do what was taught in the video, usually for $1,000 or so. My “coach” seems to be sincere enough and has steered me away from some of the items I went for. I guess I am an “easy sell!” Thanks for publishing this article so I can “beware.” I’m already in for a lot on my credit card.

    • workfromsomewhere

      Thank you for reading and sharing your experience Joanie

    • Leota Hartsell

      I signed up for the free websites around 2/13/13.This year I received notification by emails that my domain name was expiring.
      Since I was no longer interested, I ignored the emails. I was not interested in keeping the hosting account with hostzilla either.
      So I ignored it, big mistake, on 2/14/14 they withdrew $199.00 from my paypal account. I requested cancellation and a refund.
      They said I was cancelling after the 15 days, so I could cancel, but they refuse to give me a refund. So be prepared.

      • workfromsomewhere

        oh no! sorry to hear Leota! I hope that you’re able to do a dispute and get your money back

      • madeph

        I also signed up for $67 and when they asked for more, I started hesitating and decided to cancel then. But now I keep sending emails to claim my refund and I don’t get any response! Is there any phone number or personal email address one can use? I think there should be a class action law- suit like the Rockin’ Lady susggested…Something must be done! This is going too far, and they laugh about it. I was listening to their Webinar, they always giggle when they teach. They would say few words and giggle…they are proud of their doing!

        • Jany

          This happened to me too!!

          • madeph

            When I asked my refund as he promised plus $100 he promised everyone that fails, I never got a respond! Even now, I haven’t got the money I asked for.

  • Rockin’ Lady

    Is there any indication of a class-action lawsuit in the works?

    • workfromsomewhere

      Not that I know of

    • Jany

      There should be…if not them we should somehow start one!!

  • David Larsen

    Good job. I’ve found what you are saying about Anthony to be true. I’ve learned that good marketers will give you something of value to gain your trust. Anthony is all hype. I’ve watched 7 of his videos and sat through a 90 min webinar and learned zero practical info for internet marketing. Moreover, I’ve talked to 2 of his coaches. Both were primarily interested in how much I had on my credit cards to invest in their services. Again without providing a shred of practical advice. There’s no doubt that Anthony knows how to make money on the internet. But does he really teach others how? After 7 videos 4 calls and 30 emails it doesn’t appear that he does. Seems mostly a scam to sell his and others wares of questionable value.

    • workfromsomewhere

      Thank you for the feedback from someone who’s seen his program from the inside! Best of luck to you David.

    • Jany

      Totally agree David! This is not fair, and something has to be done!! He is playing with our money!!

  • Andy53

    I have signed up for your newsletter as I find your opinions to be well researched and thought out. I have seen the Morrison brothers campaigns and have been leery enough to stay away from them. I did however, get involved with Empower Networks for a bit, 60days total and fortunately came to my senses and opted out in time for it only to cost me a couple hundred dollars. My biggest issue was after I researched everything I could on these guys and the program, I could not answer my main, burning question, what in the world am I selling. I had no answer, so I packed it in. No real support, my sponsor was nowhere to be found so, just took my lumps and left. anyway, I look forward to reading your thoughts and opinions on a regular basis,

    • AdventurePaul

      Thank you Andy – shoot me an e-mail direct if you ever have any questions after reading my newsletters. Those newsletters are auto-drip e-mails that go out to the whole list, but the replies go directly to me! Thanks for finding my site

  • Robbie

    Not only did I purchase his two books, I attended his brother’s 3 day affiliate marketing workshop in Virginia…. And by the way it costed $3,000. Was it worth 3 grand? Maybe??? i say that because i haven’t made much money yet due to the lack of funds to be invested into paid advertising. Anthony’s brother Adrian, is a really cool guy and showed everyone his marketing strategies (mostly on facebook campaigns) DIRECTLY from his laptop. No joke he had CRAZY numbers- He was investing $10,000 a day in one of his campaigns and of course, he had high conversion rates.. and ridiculous numbers of clicks.

    He taught when to market which products (ex E-ciggs and weight loss products around New Years) and little tips here and there… such as- people are more inclined to click on ads that have a colored border around the picture, than those that don’t. Not to mention- split testing ads’ copywrite, photos, target market, etc.

    Also, he made it so that everyone who attended the workshop was guaranteed a membership to the private network- EWA- which JUST shut down by the way lol ******AND****** a 100% refund if you sold $3000 worth of affiliate products in 3 months. For a newbie like myself, that didn’t happen.

    I made 3 sales… all of which were on Craigslist. lol He was very much against marketing on CL because of lesser traffic compared to FB.

    ….. BTW the Morrison people made sure that we were guaranteed a membership with mobooka and CPAway. ……

    **** I haven’t made much money, but that’s on me because he was teaching paid ways of marketing. If I had more money to invest in paid ads, would I be successful in affiliate marketing? I don’t know!****

    I should be able to start investing money into paid ads starting in the next few weeks. I’ll report back with a picture of my sales in a couple months, for real.

    IN CONCLUSION Adrian’s teachings were very thorough, but it’s hard to retain all that information, even in a notebook. BUT- He did include an 8 DVD set of a previous workshop he held so you could watch again and again. In any business, it takes money to make money, right? I’m not too sure about the product you’re reviewing, but with my experience with 3 sales, trial and error exists in the affiliate marketing world.

    • AdventurePaul

      Hey Robbie – I really appreciate you taking the time to write about your experience with his training. I love hearing from inside-voices versus trying to filter through speculations and affiliate reviews online. Best of luck to you, and please do keep us informed about your progress. If you ever have any questions while learning about Internet Marketing, feel free to shoot me an e-mail too.

      • Robbie

        FB messaging you…!

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