Angela Bussio's Profit Master Academy Review - Scam or Legitimate?

Here’s how sites like Profit Masters Academy and Web Fortune Master work. First they sell you the program for either $97 or $49.95 (depends on if you buy immediately or go to leave the page). But they don’t care about that… no-one ever cares about the first amount of money. It’s digital goods so they could sell it for $2.00 if they really wanted because it doesn’t cost any more for 1,000 to buy it than for 10 people to buy it.

After that they teach you how to post affiliate links. You don’t need a website to teach you that.. you can use major affiliate networks like Commission Junction, Share-A-Sale, or ClickBank (those are the real deals). For more information about how to actually make money with affiliate marketing read my Affiliate Marketing Crash Course.

The reality is that you don’t get paid for posting links.. why would a company pay you $15 for posting a link if we can hire an offshore workforce for $2.75 an hour? $97k per year vesus a full time employee for $300/month who can do the same thing “No experience. No degree. No skills needed” —>That type of labor comes much cheaper than $15/link. In conclusion.. you only get paid for posting a link if someone clicks on the link and purchases the product you represent.

For example.. here’s a link to Wealthy Affiliate (a community of beginner Internet entrepreneurs):

If you click that link above and sign up for the free affiliate marketing lessons (which I recommend you do), I make $1.00. If you decide later to upgrade to premium membership so you can host your own website, I earn $8.00 on the first month. But if you click on the link and DON’T sign-up, I make nothing. I recommend Wealthy Affiliate because Kyle and Carson (the owners) are very active in the community. Wealthy Affiliate is the #1 affiliate marketing community online for beginners.

So now you know why Profit Master Academy is misleading its readers into thinking you get paid for posting. You don’t actually get paid per link you post. The truth is, if you post the right link in the right place, you could make a heck of a lot more than $15 (the link keeps working for you), but the reality is you’ll post hundreds of links that do nothing.

The second reality is, “posting links” doesn’t work. Take it from a guy who has created 2 online businesses since he was 18 years old built on Affiliate Marketing. I explain to all my clients who want to enter the affiliate marketing game on their blogs that you can’t just post a link and hope people click your ad.. you’ll get next to 0 conversions. The real way to make money in affiliate marketing is to write product reviews or endorsements. If you have credibility with your readers, followers, fans (whoever) they care about what YOU care about because they (hopefully) trust your judgement. Just like an apology should never be without a reason, an affiliate link should never be without a personal endorsement.

Second to lastly, the folks at Profit Master Academy call you and sell you a coaching program for $5,000 where they teach you how to build a website and sell stuff online. As I mentioned, no-one cares about $49.95.. that’s pocket change. This is why they offer a 100% money back guarantee, because they don’t care–it’s just permission to sell you more stuff. That and the affiliate network they use to process their payments require that they offer a 100% refund guarantee. The reality is they’d offer the program for free if that would work–but it wouldn’t. Simple sales psychology shows us that it’s 1000x times easier to get a customer to spend MORE money than spend ANY money.

Although they could offer the product for free, it’s easier to get you to go from $49.95 to $5,000 for their training program than $0 to anything. The purpose of the website is to automate the process of creating that pattern of you giving them money in an automated, scalable way. It wouldn’t be profitable if they had to speak to each person on the phone for 1-2 hours to convince them to spend $49.95. However, once you’re there, it’s worth the same amount of time to sell you on a $5k coaching program.

And that’s my long, technical, answer to your question.. “Is Profit Masters a Scam?

And all her TV performances on her website are staged. None of them are real.

Now I want to show you what I mean with screenshots from the Profit Masters Academy website.

Here’s how Angela Bussio’s Profit Masters Academy sales website works..

I arrive at the homepage and am given an immediate sense of urgency with this popup:

Home Page Pop-Up  - Profit Masters Academy

Clicking past that popup, I begin on the homepage, where the price isn’t listed. The only option is to provide your e-mail address and phone number where you’ll be asked to spend $197 for the program.

Home Page - Profit Masters Academy

But I don’t want to provide my e-mail address and phone number, so I’m out of here. But wait, I can’t leave yet!

The $97 Offer - Profit Masters Academy

$97 dollars you say? Well that seems like a nice discount. To what do I owe the courtesy? I’m obviously the type of person who needs more information before I bite. So here it is…

The More Info Page - Profit Masters Academy

I don’t know, Angela. This is more than I want to spend. In this part of the website, I discover that they are actually willing to sell me this $97 discounted product for $49.95. But still, that’s more than I want to spend so I’m out of here. Wait, another discount?

$29.95 Offer Popup - Profit Masters Academy

But I thought the “normal” price was $197? Now you’re saying the normal price is $149? Either way, I’ll stay.. $29.95 seems like a good deal for a $197 or a $149 program.

$29.95 Offer Page - Profit Masters Academy
But alas, I’m not easy persuaded, so I think I better give this some thought. I’m leaving for now.

$9.95 Offer Popup - Profit Masters Academy

Seriously? Now you’re offering me this $197 or $149 program for $9.95? It seems to me like maybe $9.95 is the “normal” price. Why do you want me to purchase this program so badly?

$9.95 Offer Page - Profit Masters Academy
How can it be worth it for you to sell me a $197 program for 1/20th the price?

The answer is because Angela couldn’t care less about the income from this program. Angela doesn’t care how much she sells this intangible digital product to you for because she mostly cares about the permission it gives her to sell you much more expensive products.

Questions? Comments?

Please discuss this article in the comments section below. I’d love to hear from folks who have paid for Angela Bussio’s Profit Master Academy. Am I on point with the information I provided in this article? Please share your experiences with the Profit Master Academy.

If you’d like to know more

Read my free Crash Courses about Internet Marketing and website development for beginners.

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  • Jodi

    Does anyone have a number to actually contact Angela Bussios Profit Master where you pay $97 to start up and to begin making money. I called to get a refund after thinking its a scam and they said I was calling the wrong company. Does anyone have the telephone number?

  • Stephanie

    I feel sorry for innocent people who fall for these scams. If it sounds too good to be true.. IT IS.

  • Reub

    I was just getting ready to purchase the course just now, I actually thought that this page was endorsing her, but I see it was not, instead it confirmed what I was feeling anyway(uneasiness). I really, really did not have the cash to do this right now, it was going to be a great sacrifice thank you so much. I guess what really got me is the woman that was supposed to have been from my area, I heard they post a person in each area with the same story, but a different face, OMG, thank you for saving people like me.

  • Harried Housewife

    This same marketing ploy was used on me for a trip from Royal Bahamas at the beginning of the hurricane season. I got 3 vacations for the price of one. Catch is I have to take the cruise to the Bahamas first to get the other two vacations. Did I mention, hurrican season. I have 18 mo to use the pre-paid vacations. – I lose 3-4 months immediately.Was I scammed?

  • Kendra McKamie Harris

    I just clicked on the link you provided below to the Wealthy Affiliate group. I thought it was supposed to be free but at the top is says to pay $19 to upgrade. I am a VERY BIG SKEPTIC because I have been cau
    ght up in these scams several times and have nothing to show for it. I am looking for a legitimate work at home job so I can be here to help raise my grand babies. Please help.. I have tried to find something to supplement income with my boyfriends income and not have to go back to driving a truck or standing on my feet for 9 to 10 hours a day and killing my back. I sent you a friend request on facebook so that I can follow your blogs.

    • workfromsomewhere

      Hey Kendra – Check out the free info before you purchase anything. I’m not sure if that’s what you’re looking for though.

      Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a ‘work at home job’… it’s just a community website that also includes hosting. I consider a JOB where you get paid a guaranteed amount for performing a task or series of tasks in a pre-negotiated period of time. Wealthy Affiliate is not that. It teaches you how to build income producing websites or monetize the online presence you already have. But it’s not a job by any means.


    sorry, is surveys but that seems to pay only 3rd word countrys rates. But I’m sorry too here so many of u committed too sending these people there money, its just so un American too me! I’m moving on too other area’s that I have in mind to see if I can find a legit way too make money good luck too everyone!


    Research and persistance is key, ive been trying too figure this out for about 10hrs a day for 2 days now. Its either a links sale wanting you too give them money [witch I do my research and hit on the names and there all scams] another thing I

  • Chello

    Just got sucked in to the this.. :/ I called and they picked up took my info and said they would call me back.. Never did and I called 3 times all forwarded and one picked up then hung up on me me? I now realize I new to get my money back is this possible even though it’s a scam?

  • Ashley

    This is so ridiculous. As I was browsing through the site, I was actually considering to buy this product until I saw that this could possibly be a scam. Are scammers aware that there are real people out here who aren’t financially able for transportation for a 9-5, laid off, or isn’t physically able and is willing to help genuine people out so they can earn a real income? Well, all I have to say is whatsoever these scammers do to these innocent people it will in fact, come back on them ten fold.

  • Charlotte

    Visit my website at http://unlimited-income-potential I share how I started and how I make income not spending my money other than for my website. I am on facebook, twitter and google.

  • mark

    i appreciate these type of review sites which are of great help in warning potential buyers to not sign up but with wealthy affiliate where are the reviews of this business and its cost to join? So much time is devoted to dissing the other programs by this unkown wealthy affiliate “reviewer” that he never actually states the details of wealthy affiliate. I have joined many programs for working at home and quickly was given an up sell after paying an initial fee or not paying a fee. I do not know who or what to believe when it comes to these programs but as long as you use pay pal to cover your bets with a refund that would be the safest way to gamble on how to spend your money.

    • workfromsomewhere

      Hey mark 1) Good advice about using PayPal (or a separate credit card) for signing up for online programs. 2) You make a great point about endorsing Wealthy Affiliate but not having a review. It’s not enough for me to say “don’t do this for this reason, but do this” without a reason.

      I started endorsing Wealthy Affiliate after getting 100′s of e-mails along the lines of “if not that, then what?”. and I found that many of those folks needed a good place to begin learning about affiliate marketing. But you’re absolutely right that I need to properly review and disclose the fees associated with WA. Originally I wrote that article above about Angela Bussio just to warn my friends and family about the scam. I had no intention of monetizing it or using the article to promote something else for profit. I added that link later.

      I appreciate your comment. You have inspired me to write a proper post addressing your concerns.


  • Arlene

    This site as well as others is full of shit!!!! They take your money and you never hear from them again. IT’S A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sue

    I unfortunately tried this and it’s a scam! when you call after the 30 days to receive a refund they refuse to give you your money back! I’m going to file a complaint with the BBB and dispute the charges. Do not waste your money on this Scam.



  • Aurelina Oviedo

    Hi, I payed last night the amount that appear on top to get a marketing course and i am still waiting for, The only letter That i received last night was something above Dova and I couldn’t enter the page because it says my account expired, please give some indications I don’t have to much experience in computers and I decided to tryied because it said is easy for people who knows navigate in internet, otherwise I would like my money back. Aurelina Oviedo

  • Better-Safe-Than-Sorry

    My suspicions were raised when:

    1) I clicked on the “Terms” link and got a pop-up that I could not re-size for ease of reading. Every line required scrolling left and right to read each line of a long document. I finally “Copy & Paste” into a word document so as to not get frustrated in my goal of reading the whole document. The “Terms” document was written entirely as “disclaimers” to make them responsible for nothing and no commitment to deliver anything. Why would I send money to somebody who will not be responsible for anything and not commit to me anything. Promises are cheap.

    2) There were no links on their 1st pages to provide what the service or product is that they were delivering and no disclosure of pricing structure without me providing them some information. I take the general view that “if you can not post your price, then it is probably not worth the price you will be asking and you are probably trying to suck me in”. Ditto on service & product info.

  • judyjudyjude

    you are such a phony and a liar, what a scam!

    • workfromsomewhere


  • WORKfromHOMEmom


    • workfromsomewhere

      Thanks for reading!

    • Dinna

      What are these websites that actually work? I’m a college kid i’m desperate to make some more money.

    • SoMurZ

      Hi WorkfromHOMEmom, could you help me get into the sites that are legit? Thanks,

  • Shirley

    I am very glad i read this, as well, before ordering. I would of been very upset. I wouldn’t of heard the last words of my husband.

    • workfromsomewhere

      Glad you read it too Shirley – thanks for coming by

  • Ihatemoneyathomescams

    Well I’m getting a full refund of the initial investment, I’m unemployed and saw the ad for posting links and I thought what the hey I can squeeze 97 dollars. Sure enough I call and got put through to a manager who wanted to sell me the secrets for $4999.00. They were asking me about my credit score and my credit limits on my credit cards combined. Of course I couldn’t afford it, I’m unemployed and here the guy is trying to tell me that I need to invest big to make big. Now he did say that I could go through trial and error but their so many questions unanswered and now it turns out that you flip items from wholesale to MSRP on e-bay to make money but so many questions are unanswered. Any advice would be awesome.

    • workfromsomewhere

      Focus on what you know. It’s not a good idea to spend money “investing” into a business that you don’t even know how it works.

  • Iam Hernandez

    If it seems too good to be true..

  • Madison

    I paid the $49.95 for this , and now I want to figure out how to get it back. Any help?

    • workfromsomewhere

      scroll through the comments Madison – I explain to a few folks how to go about getting a refund in some previous comments.

  • Denise

    Its really sad how people are looking for a way to make ends meet and some site like angela’s are ripping people off. Its so wrong

  • Denise

    Wow, I almost bought the Angela Bussio’s Profit master program, my card didn’t work so I didn’t. Then decided to go ahead and check out the legitamacy of it and found your site. Thanks for the Heads up

    • workfromsomewhere

      you’re welcome – thanks for reading!

  • rostar

    All this its a lie, dont believe this crap,never win 5000$/mounth work home 5 hour/day, because if is true nobody work ever. Sorry may bad english.I spend for this SCAMS, 300 $ and i dont win anything, All this SCAMS is for stupid people like me, never win money easier.

    In conclusion nota 10+ for this blog and dont spend money for this crap because never back money. All is robotizated, not people find, no telephone, all this lie.

  • Kat

    I just bought this Program two days agao, and I already regret it. I called to get my refund and was told that I would have to wait for the next 28 days to get my money back. I don’t know what to do, the only reason I joined this was because I was told it would be easy fast money, which I need to pay off school loans. I’m keeping paper documents of everything but I don’t know what else to do.

    • killascam

      call your credit card company and dispute the charge, the more chargebacks this company gets the more likely they are to lose their credit card processor, effectively shutting down their ability to collect money!

    • Linda Abercrombie

      If you purchased this program on a credit card get a hold of the company (example Master-card) and explain your circumstances. I did this with AMEX and because the company is so BIG these companies that are trying to sell the impossible (such as this post discuses) don’t want to go against the BIG guys like Master-card, American Express because they will launch what they refer to as fraud charge. And they will go after the refund on your behalf.
      Good luck!

    • Tommy

      Hey Kat. Are you still looking to earn an income from home? I can talk to you about selling on Amazon. It’s been a nice little business for me! You can contact me at

  • Mary

    When it seems to good, it’s actually very bad!

  • Teresa

    I decided to check on the legitimacy of her program before signing up. Several scam watching sites listed her program as Safe, and Legitimate. But, I wanted more in depth information, and your explanation is the first detailed, comprehensive description of how these scams are able to work under the radar of scamming, They actually send what they promise. However, I find that kind of sales tactic despicable, and in this time of suffering a deplorable attack on people who are in need of income. I am looking forward to reading your information, and will check back in when I have finished. All the best, T

    • workfromsomewhere

      Thanks for reading Teresa!

  • T

    Holy Cow … I’m so glad I decided to go another step before signing up. Thank You for waking me up!!!

  • Murray

    Thank you for this info, and yes I’m about to sign up for your information. I just have to ask and please this is not to offend you, you may not charge a fee but what about the companies you would be representing? I’m sure that you will be letting us know about some companies where we can make money, just want to know if they’re straight. (lol) just dawned on me that if they not why would you tell us.

    • workfromsomewhere

      Hey Murray – we do our best to focus on top ranked training programs and provide reliable information. We’re always growing though as times change and the information changes along with it. Best of luck to you sir. Hope you find this site valuable.

  • Kristine

    Yup, people are stupid, and/or desperate for the quick & easy dime. However I will say what I emailed on Angela’s site that you are also not answering – what is the product and how do you make money at it? Such a simple question that you artfully avoid as well. I see other people have asked as well yet I don’t see your answering it, so why are you any better?

    • workfromsomewhere

      There’s no product for you to buy on this website. It’s an informational website. All the info is free. This website earns income through advertising and affiliate linking to *other* products and services. good luck.

      • Linda

        I have a website for an online store that was designed by a guy who also manages it. He has run into a problem that he can’t seem to figure out and I am at a loss as to what to do. We have affiliated with other companies but have not gotten credit for anything people have told me they have ordered. Can you help me figure out what to do. I may have to find another person to manage it because I am not a computer geek.

        • workfromsomewhere

          I’ll send you an e-mail

  • wes

    yeah we are all so desperate these days. i almost fell for that crap. man i wish i could find a job online making 800 a week. thats all i would need to pay for my bills, food, etc. then maybe be able to put back some for retirement.

  • Jessica Perez

    please help

  • Jessica Perez

    i fell for the scam that web fortune masters is, is there any way i can get my money back? help!

    • workfromsomewhere

      Hi Jessica

      Sorry to hear about your experience. Here’s what I’d do:

      1. Contact your bank or credit card customer support and let them know that the company offers a refund guarantee and that you will be attempting to go through the proper channels to get a refund. However, have them notate your account in case you aren’t able to get the refund. (Leaves a paper trail).

      2. Look for the original e-mails you received after you signed up. Often times these e-mails (or the purchase receipt e-mail) has the info about requesting a refund.

      3. If not, e-mail customer support (whatever e-mail address e-mails you) and request a refund. Make sure to provide the transaction number (if possible), date of purchase, etc when you request the refund, but DO NOT send your credit card info via e-mail. That’s already on file from your original purchase. If possible, copy/paste your receipt into the e-mail. Wait 5-7 days.

      4. If haven’t received refund or heard from the company by then, file a dispute with your credit card or bank for the charges. Let them know that you attempted to go through the proper channels to get a refund but did not hear back from the company. Make sure they also flag your account to NOT get charged anything additional by that vendor.

      5. Follow up with this post and let us know if these steps prove to be successful so that other folks may do the same.

      Best of luck to you.

      • Jessica Perez

        Thank you so much!

        • kristen comito

          I got scammed into this as well, I have already contacted my bank and told them what happened. They flagged my account so no further charges would come through from this company. The payment has not gone through yet so hopefully it won’t… are there any legitimate work from home businesses that you can recommend??

          • workfromsomewhere

            My best advice is to do your due diligence before spending any money on anything. Search Google for “reviews” or “scam warnings”. Search for the names of Testimonials and see if they come from real people. See if the company is responsive on their Facebook or Twitter if they have accounts.

    • mcallen knight

      wat happened cuz I believe I fell for it as well

  • Sue Follett

    Well, thanki you so much for taking the time to go into detail how all of that REALLY works……was acutally going to do it. Funny, I was reading about the Web Fortune Master, the first page said that a woman in my town made $8,000.00 in a month, I left my computer WITHOUT joining, an hour or so later I had an out of town caller (caller id, which I didn’t answer) and an email from Profit Master Academy. So, so glad I did just a little research. NOT BUYING IT IN WAREHAM!!

    • workfromsomewhere

      Yes ma’am. You’re very welcome. I’m glad you read the post as well. Good luck to you!

  • Helena

    So I bet you have seen a lot this question… Is there such a thing as “make money from home” I mean can you actually make money is there such a thing like a no pyramid program? Is there something real out there…I don’t want to be rich immediately I just want some extra income….actually working…Help??

    • workfromsomewhere

      Helena – Around here we’re big into affiliate marketing, which might be the type of “work from home” you are looking for. Please sign up for my mailing list and I’ll send you more information. Also view our free Crash Courses in Affiliate Marketing or check out:

      The site above is a membership community of affiliate marketers and teaches the basics of starting affiliate sites. Might be what you’re looking for. Hope that helps! Good luck

    • BrendaS

      Helena, I fortunately did not send money to any of these companies for the very reason you are describing here. I am very sick and disabled and get very little money to live on and its harder and harder with insurances, food, gas etc always going up. I have no financial help from family or anything. If you can legitimately help me make money from home I’d be delighted.

      • Jolene

        Hi Brenda, I can possibly help you make some money from home. I will not tell you that it’s easy, because it isn’t, but it is possible. And it’s not a pyramid scheme either. I am a Distributor for It Works Global. I got hung up on this scam last year when I was at a vulnerable time in my own life and this great company called It Works Global fell into my lap in March. Let me just say, you get out of it what you put into it. My name is Jolene. Send me a message to if you would like some more information and I would be happy to get you that information. :)

    • Julio

      The best way to earn income is through sales-plain & simple. Send me an email if you want more information to

  • Bill

    Thanks for the heads up. I knew better then to fall for it, and reading this solidified what I thought.

    • workfromsomewhere

      Yes sir – you’re welcome. Best of luck to you

  • GG55

    I was about to pay for this program I am glad I decided against it, But, is there a program that you can really make money with? I would love to know that, there are so many in the internet and it upsets me because there are people like me that needs to make money and people are really stealing their hard earn money.

    • workfromsomewhere

      Thanks for reading – sign up for our mailing list. I send occasional e-mails profiling the types of websites that you are looking for. We do our best to dig deep into each program we review and send the “real deals” so-to-speak.

  • geo2smart

    So glad I decided to do some checking around before purchasing Angela Bussio’s Profit Masters Academy! I AM a SKEPTIC and never jump into anything before doing some research. After reading this blog, I could say “so, that’s how that works” and decide for myself that Profit Masters is just another program making Angela money, and only a select few will ever make alot of money from her program. Better to stay in the real world then spend your $$$ on a fantasy world!

    • workfromsomewhere

      Glad you did as well! Best of luck to you in the “real world” :)

      • debbie

        I very nearly bought this too, I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to be that easy, but it is certainly very convincing, glad I came across this site, thanks heaps for explaining it all in simple terms.

        • KAKA


          • KAKA

            GOOD JOB

  • Nina

    Hi thank you for the advice…I am looking for a job, any advice?

  • cece

    Thanks Paul,you save me some money:)) What do you think about workathometruth,?

    • AdventurePaul

      You’re welcome CeCe. Thanks for reading. I’ve never heard of Work At Home Truth, but looks interesting. Let me know your experience with that site if you decide to pursue.

  • Evvy Johnson

    Has anyone ever heard anything about Coastal Vacations? I joined this group several years ago and was nailed by them. I made some money but very little compared to what I spent to join. They’re still around but under a different name and I think with different offers. You kinda feel sorry for all these folks being burned with all the false advertising and promises.

  • Partime Cash

    I’m glad I took the time to look at the reviews….I almost did it for the $9.97 even though I know how stuff like this works!!

  • Jhen

    Oh thanks Paul! You saved me :) I am about to purchase the program. Good thing i searched for more info’s about angela. Thank you so much!

    • AdventurePaul

      You’re welcome – thanks for reading!

  • colette

    Total rip off. I called to inquire about a refund and was told I must wait until 60 days. I asked if it had to be exactly 60 days from the purchase and was told no, anytime after the sixty days. I called today for a refund and was put on hold for 4 minutes and then told that it had been 65 days which made me ineligible for a refund. Everything stated above by Eadie Shavin is true. Don’t be her next victim.

    • AdventurePaul

      Oye vey, Colette! Sorry to hear about your experience. If you haven’t already, be sure to contact your Bank or CC company to give them a heads-up about not allowing anymore charges from that company. That way if any slip through the crack, you’ve got documentation that may hopefully allow you to dispute and recover your money. Best of luck to you and thank you for commenting and sharing your experience.

  • jeannie

    thank you so so much for all these great comments……Im not quick at jumping on board of anything…..i research and research and bring in my spouse and his thoughts, plus he is a research attic which I’m grateful for in anything because we are like a lot of people in this world, can not afford to loose……5.00. We’re not poor but we don’t really have it to just throw away. I hope these people that scam some how some way understands we all are hurting for money for employment and anything else. When they take from others to make there lives comfortable……….in the end they will have to pay a bigger price than what they’ve taken from innocent hard working struggling people. Thank god I always follow instinct as well. They only got a Facebook response of mine and they have know access to anything else. I gave a bogus email address and a bull-shit phone number. Again! I give with caution. Again thank you Adventure Paul for all your information

    • AdventurePaul

      You’re welcome Jeannie – thank you for reading!

  • Rockin Zee Reyes

    Thank you so much for your article. It saved us from certain failure and future money expenses. It looked promising. Oh well.

    • AdventurePaul

      Absolutely – good luck Rockin Zee Reyes!

  • Lydia

    Nothing has worked and I’ve wasted too much money, can anyone point me in the right direction lydielo1031 @ gmail . Com

    • AdventurePaul

      Lydia – thank you for reading and commenting, but careful of posting your e-mail address online. Maybe edit or delete that comment to be on the safe side.

  • Tired of scammers

    They are under another name as well.. “Profit Web System”!!! BEWARE!!! and watch out for too!!!! I actually found it on the computers at my local workforce development while trying to look up legitimate jobs, and when I went home after ordering it on the spot thinking I finally found something real, I could no longer find that website on my home computer!!! Don’t know how they did that, but it’s true! I am going to call the number and ask for a refund! Then report them to my local better business bureau!

    • AdventurePaul

      Thank you for the comment and the heads up about the new names!

  • Tired of scammers

    I actually found her ad on a dot org site, so was thinking it might be reliable. Her advertising that she was on CNN and all the other shows also makes you feel comfortable because you think they would have done all the research and fact checking on her scam before airing it as a successful business. I am not only out the $47.00, I ordered the next one after that for around $70.00! It hasn’t gone through my bank yet, so seriously considering calling the bank and cancelling my card and getting a new one so they can’t process it! Is this scam a prosecutable offense considering so many people were scammed and they use obviously fake testimonies??? There are enough of us out there that were scammed. How do you get your money back and what process can your bank do to help you recoup the money already paid out?

  • worldsgonemad

    Thanks for all this good information. I was tempted but decided to do a “review” search to see what was being said out there. I to provided my first name, a bogus email address I use when I’m not too certain about something, and my mobile number which I don’t get signal for at my rural house. I’m going to have to think up some funny ways to screw these folks when they do call. Believe me, I’m VERY good at making them crazy by going round and round with them. I’m unemployed, can’t find any work, so why not fuck with these assholes.

    Thanks again.

  • Rachel Evans

    The first clue was that they claim endorsements from all of these major networks and I have never seen them on any of those programs and doing an archive search I could not find them. The second clue is the “urgency”- this offer expires tomorrow. If you go back the next month – guess what same off – expires the next day.

  • vishal

    thnx paul u saved my money. i thank u for posting such a eye opening facts and figures

  • lucky

    They have changed the name to this now

  • Tin Le

    Hi Paul E Drecksler.
    You are saving millions people out there. You are the angel.
    Thank you so much for your effort.
    Best of luck to you

  • Lilky

    i knew it was a scam but i still had a little hope in it but after reading this passage i dont think i m going to find a job on the internet.. it is just not safe…

  • Stephanie Love

    I too looked at the site and thought. “well maybe this one is legit”. After seeing this page I now know the truth. I just got a call from them when I exited out the site. They did just as you said so when I told them I read an article that it was a scam the lady (and I use that lighty) called me a B***H and hung up the phone. If I wasn’t 100% sure this was a scam before I am now 100% sure that it absoultley is now……thanks for the info!!

    • AdventurePaul

      You’re welcome, Stefanie. And.. Wow that’s crazy! Even if it is a scam, you’d think the phone operators would remain professional. Thanks for posting that story


    Thanks Paul, as the other I was trying to get real information on that topic.

    I just leaft my name and telephone number on the website and was called four times by unknown callers in the following 2h !!!
    I was upset to understanding why suddenly I got those calls till I pick up one call !
    Company’s name is Amazon something…
    I guess it’s the same scam as the others…
    Thanks for sparing me some trouble !

    • AdventurePaul

      You’re welcome, Pascale. Thanks for reading and contributing!

  • Stacey

    I tried to pay for profit master and for some reason my card was denied. I had plenty of money in the account but it would not go through. So the company called me and offered me a one time fee of 39.95. That too would not go through so I put them on hold and called my credit union, that is where they told me they tried to charge a 9.99 fee too. Thank goodness for small miracles because they were declined for no apparent reason as there was plenty of money in my account. Glad I read this and now know better.

    • AdventurePaul

      Funny story, Stacey! I am glad that worked out well for you. Sometimes the universe is looking in our direction.

  • hannah

    I’m so sad about profit master academy being a scam! i just purchased one not too long ago … so can I get my money back?????? :(

    • AdventurePaul

      I’m not sure, Hannah, but please let us know if you’re able to get a refund easily and how you did it. Many folks are having that same question. Good luck!

      • hannah

        I sure will… I did call them they told me I have to try it first before I get a full refund … so I’m definitely will call back …

  • Peter

    Just yesterday before I could read this, I gave them all my contact details (address, e-mail and phone number). I also gave my card expiry date and year but did not give the card number and security code. Am I safe? Please, help

    • AdventurePaul

      Hey Peter. I can’t imagine a scenario where you’d give part of your CC information but not all of it. How did that happen? Either way.. I don’t know the answer. To be on the safe side, I would check your accounts and phone bill meticulously for the next few months to make sure there are no unauthorized charges. You might get a few calls or solicitations but seems like they couldn’t charge you anything without the card #, but again, I can’t be sure. Hope everything works out.

      • hannah

        I did the same … for this merchant application i had to apply for … however, they asked for my SS# …. what will I do? they have my card number, and my address number …

  • Myra Lovelace

    I really like your detailed analysis of these scams. what about Dean Grosiozi Real Estate program

    • AdventurePaul

      Hey Myra.. I never heard of Dean Grosiozi Real Estate Program but I added it to my list to check out in the future. Thank you for reading and commenting.

  • cassie

    Thank for head up.. I almost did join but good thing I did research before sign up..

    • AdventurePaul

      Happy to help! Thanks for reading

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  • Amy

    I came to this website because I was searching a similar offer from “e-Profit Academy.” I am the mother of two looking for a job; and I wouldn’t mind hard work – I will take anything. Thank you so much for this article that saved me from potentially spending $97 precious dollars from my family’s account!!

    • AdventurePaul

      You’re welcome, Amy. Thank you for reading my blog! Happy to help save you some money.

  • Nodma

    well sir, you saved me a good deal of money, many thanks!

    • AdventurePaul

      You’re welcome.. thanks for reading

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